All spa manicure treatments include, cleaning, shaping, cuticle care nourishing, massage and polish.

All spa pedicure treatments are multi-step pampering rituals that include cleaning, shaping, cuticle care, nourishing, massage and polish.


30 minutes $35

Spa manicure turns your classic manicure into a relaxing experience with this rejuvenating hand and nail treatment. It starts with a rich blend of crystalline citric acid and vitamin E. Then, your hands and arms are given a soothing massage followed by an ultra-moisturizing cream serum to smooth and soften. Nails are then polished to perfection.



45 minutes $45

Your feet will enjoy a therapeutic soak followed by an exfoliated create sea salt glow treatment to remove dead, dry skin. You will experience a destressing massage from your knees to your toes. A rehydrating marine mask is then applied over your feet and wrapped by hot towels for added warmth, You will feel your tensions slip away as the nourishing mask smooths and softens your skin. To finish, the polish of your choice is applied with a base and top coat to help it last. 

A special A.H.A. sea scrub and cucumber hydrating hell cream are applied. Recommended for those who need extra attention to rough, dry skin. $5 extra



40 minutes $40

This treatment helps hands look and feel younger. Hands are exfoliated with the milk and honey sea salts, rich in minerals and massaged with a non-oily milk and honey butter blend for silky smooth skin and then dipped in warm soothing paraffin. The ultimate in beauty, excellent for over-worked hands as well.



45 minutes $50

This is the luxurious treatment for both legs and feet. Your feet are soaked in a luxurious aromatherapy spa bath. The milk and honey sea salts, rich in minerals, is applied on your legs and feet to gently exfoliate the skin and enhance circulation. Then, the non-oily milk and honey butter blend is applied to your feet and wrapped with a hot towel to soften your skin. Your treatment is finished by a soothing massage using spa blends body butter and vitamine E oils to condition and smooth you to perfection.


45 minutes $55

A special massage technique of pressure, rubbing and pulling to help restore energy flows and to relieve stress. Reflexology focuses on the full range of pressure points located in the feet and is known to relieve all types of pain in the body. Among the benefits are soothed nerves and increased circulation. Enjoy this healing therapy and then relax into the pleasure of our spa pedicure. A truly healing and pampering experience.